Notes & Queries - History & Mystery In Wessex
This series explores neglected aspects of regional history, where there are still unresolved issues. (Sometimes there are no easy answers….)

The Pioneer Journal Of Jane Hicks
The 1840s private diary of a farmer's wife, an early resident of what is now Bournemouth, yields a mystery or challenge with every entry. [Read more]

England’s Last Templar? - The Priory Captive Mystery
Why was Knight Templar Stephen de Staplebrigge held here in Christchurch until he died, years after the Templar order was dissolved? [Read more]

The St Catherine’s Hill Mystery Site
This hill above Christchurch has more than one mystery associated with it, including its ancient name...
[Read more]

The 'Royal Flight' - 1651 And 1685
The real events were as dramatic as the many novels and films which have fictionalised these two English Civil War-related episodes when the would-be king had to flee across Dorset .... [Read more]

Our Forgotten Regency Resort
Before Bournemouth existed, its neighbour was briefly a fashionable seaside 'spa' frequented by aristocrats and even a few royals. [Read more]

The Battle Of Christchurch Haven - When History Became Legend
The facts of a 1784 pitched battle between smugglers and Preventive Men have been obscured by romantic legend.
[Read more]
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